3 ways to stop aggression in Palestine

Considering the latest violence in Palestine between palestinians and Israeli army, I thought I could share my thoughts on how to help build peace. Even though such methods are discussed extensively in the media, there are certain possible solutions that are, in my humble oppinion, grossly overlooked.

So, without further ado, 3 ways to stop aggression and violence in Palestine

Step 1: Don’t occupy Palestine.

While this certainly sounds a bit obvious, there does seem to be a strand of thought in the western world, according to which one has a right to conduct an occupation without violence. While western capitalism has indeed produced coffee without caffeine and beer without alcohol, occupations without violence seem to be too much to expect, rightful or not. That being said, I strongly suggest NOT occupying Palestine as the primary way of avoiding war in Palestine.

Step 2: Don’t create ethnic ghettos.

This really isn’t news for apartheid supporters in South Africa or germans of older age, but creating ghettos based on ethnicity has a tendency of generating strong resistance, both within the ghettos and in the international stage. There isn’t any need to elaborate, so I just let this sink in as it is.

Step 3: Don’t conduct ethnic cleansing

sigh’ So you did occupy Palestine and you did force palestinians into besieged ghettos? And you still think the conflict is complicated? Whatever, the least you could do at this point is to at least NOT be a walking justification for a generation of jihadists. If the Palestinians do fire a missile at you that doesn’t even hit anything (oh the horror!), at least keep your reactions and ”security measures” in scale. ”In scale” does not mean a military operation which targets an entire nation. In scale reactions do not include bulldozing entire districts on a hunch, nor do they include an apartheid regime and full scale ethnic cleansing.

I’m just saying…

These are the three steps to peace, and as some of you might notice, they are the kind of steps that are going to provoke a response from Zionists and ”neutrals” alike. Let me just say a few words on that.

There are those who would point out the attacks made from Palestine against Israel, and those who would point out the fear (both true and false) that the Israelis feel about the Palestinian resistance. Even if these points don’t make you a complete apologist of Israel, many do seem to think that this makes the conflict complicated, or that at least to a degree both sides are to blame.

Yet the conflict is not complicated, and both sides are not to blame.

The cleverest of you noticed a similarity between my list to stop war, and a certain list of methods to stop rape. While linking the two issues might seem populist, they have a lot in common. As with bullying, fistfights and sexual assault, it is not the business of the occupied to not be occupied. It is the business of the occupier not to occupy.

”But surely”, some will say, ”the attacks against innocents by palestinians should not be ignored! Justice must be served!”

Before I address that issue I must point out, that innocents are a lot more rare in the middle east than the argument implies. If one does not speak out amongst a bloody ethnic cleansing, one is not ”neutral” or innocent, but part of the problem. Ofcourse there are those too who truly are innocent, like children or people otherwise ignorant of the situation, but I am certain that no defender of Israel would want to discuss dead children.

As for the question at hand: true, jihadists also have a tendency of adopting questionable methods. Still, it is not a very good argument for compromise or outright zionism. For example, if a bully and the bullied start a fistfight and the bullied hits harder, every honest person must still admit, that the bullied did not ask for the situation. Similarly, the occupied might use questionable methods, but in the grand scheme of things the conflict would have never happened if the occupier would not have attacked the country. This just means, that while one certainly can ask the palestinians to humanize their struggle, the conflict and all of it’s victims are ultimately the responsibility of Israel.

Look! I think one of the hands tries to hit back! The barbarians!

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